The Valledor

The oldest evidence of life in the area takes us back to the Bronze Age, and walking along the peaks you will be able to find the remains of burials of the ancient times. Several forts testify important populations of pre-Roman era, and although most of them are unexcavated and only one is suitable for the visit, the hillfort of San Chuis located in the town of San Martin de Beduledo.

But what has really left its mark and has give the valley its name was the presence of the Romans, attracted by the precious gold. They moved unimaginable amounts of land through “ruina montium” system whose consequences are still visible today, hence the name of Gold Valley or “Territorio d’Or” as it appears in the oldest documents. The legend tells that the Romans left hidden treasures, including a golden ox, in their hurried flight.

In the most recent Valledor history, which has been awarded the nickname Valley of Silence, after the silence that has prevailed during the second half of the last century, while its former inhabitants left in search of a better life and because of the geographic isolation of the area. This isolation was exacerbated by the construction of the dam of Salime, impressive civil engineering, (early 50’s) marked the final abandonment of such beautiful places which are without any doubt one of our highlights.

Visiting The Valledor you become part of it, its full of wisdom peasantry, its archaic, almost abandoned villages where it is easy to imagine how life was used to be like, and a priceless ethnographic heritage (cortines, water mills, sweatshops , fonts, granaries and breadboards(raised granaries) with own decorative style, etc). Definitely getting lost in the Valledor means discovering how much the silence has to tell you.