Unexplored paradise

Paraíso inexplorado

The south-western Asturias is made up of five boroughs, Tineo, Allande, Ibias, Degaña and Cangas del Narcea. This is a huge and unchanged natural area, that houses forests almost unchanged state, like Muniellos forest, the largest oak grove in Spain, or like the Beech of Hermo, the biggest beech grove in Asturias, located in the upper basin of Narcea River.

In this forest caipercaillie and brown bear find the perfect habitat to survive. The last one, it can be seen in spring and autumn in the wild.

These are just some of the treasures the most unknown paradise of Asturias.

If you visit this unknown paradise, you can make countless paths that leading to gaps and charming landscapes, you can also visit wineries to know the particular history of wine in this Asturian area, which is also closely related to the Monastery of Corias the greatest exponent of the artistic heritage of the area; and finally you can see pallozas (traditional thatched roof house), towns, paneras and horreos (raised graneries), water mills, blacksmithing, and much more…

Come to discover “the unexplored asturian paradise