Valledor Rural Apartments are located in the council of Allande, in the town of Tremao.

The Council of Allande, situated in the southwest of Asturias, is the most inland in the “Comarca Vaqueira” district, and therefore the most mountainous, outstanding his landscapes and villages of extraordinary beauty and archaic filled with tranquillity.

“Sierra del Palo” divides it into two areas with a different history, culture and language. Thus we have two distinct areas, known as the Palo “P’acó” and “Palo P’aló”.

Our rural apartments are located in a beautiful valley known as El Valledor, which is in the area of Palo P’aló and is honoured to be currently the most isolated place in Spain.

However, the Valledor is a border area that gives unique and differentiated features that invite you to discover.

If you come to know us you will discover the nature, culture, landscapes and the way of life of the people living in the XXI century in the most isolated place in Spain.